Jan. 3rd, 2010

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Another two or three inches of snow during the night. The sun is up and it is bright and stunningly beautiful, every tree outlined in white, but even late morning the temperature is still - 8 degrees.  That is the problem really. The snow underneath is frozen solid and compacted, and each fresh fall then freezes on top of what is already a shelf of ice. 

I have been out - with a pack of dogs underfoot there is no option, and they enjoy every second of the snow - but I'm not going far today either.  

No, I do need to go out.
The road past the house does not go anywhere anymore, has not for years, so there is little traffic to clear it.  For the past couple of weeks I've been treating it like an airport runway - there is a neighbour goes out in the morning about the same time I do, and we have turns each at revving out of the snow and onto what passes as a road, then reversing back right up to the junction. 

Was nearly a calamity the first morning; I had watched him go, then got myself out the drift at the side and onto the airstrip for takeoff, started reversing back and then neighbour's wife appeared in front of me shouting that he had left a tin of meringues, and he appeared in my rear view mirror coming back down!!!    

Ah well, better go and find my shovel.Car waiting for takeoff


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