Jan. 8th, 2010

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 I was going to take the car this morning but when I came back with the dogs there was a milk delivery van stuck in the ice at the road end; trying to pull round into the junction and sliding back down sideways every time. I didn't even know we had milk deliveries here. Shades of the Purple Valley Dairy; was looking vaguely for the Purple Valley Bakery van delivering the raisin rye too.

So I headed out for the bus again, in temperatures even worse than yesterday's minus twelve. My hair was actually rigid with ice when I reached the bus stop. But, again, two minutes standing, and this time a lawyer stopped for me and took me down (and brought me back home tonight as well). I'm getting to like this bus businessl!!!   It was her first day of driving since the snow fell.
And I took a bit extra time at lunchtime and hiked up to my dad's; was quite pleased at managing that!

Only blip today was after work, when Other Half announced that we were taking my car to the supermarket. No escape this time.  I got it going, reversed up and out, got up to the store, and then somehow managed to lock the keys inside it. Second time this month. It has something to do with the electronic beep thingy not working in the cold. So I had not unlocked the driver's door but climbed in across from the passenger seat (not easy - I'm a big wumman and it is a wee motor) and then the passenger door shut and locked when I climbed back out at the supermarket.

There was surprisingly little said about it. Other Half sighed and walked all the way down home to get my spare car key while I stood martyred in the supermarket car park. (Having caused this (somehow), I felt it would look bad if I then sat in the warmth of the supermarket cafe drinking coffee while he fetched the key. Nice men invited me to sit in their cars, and I turned down those offers too.)
So I was a block of ice when he got back.

But we got the shopping, and I got home in time to be snug on the couch with my brandy in time for our latest episode, a Christmas one, of NCIS. Cosy and warm and still besotted.......


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