Jul. 21st, 2010

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Last Thursday lunchtime, on a quick visit home, I was stunned to find the Amazon.com email offer of the cased set of MFU DVDs for that day only for $88 dollars (when Amazon UK had them waiting to be imported for £200, or second hand inside the UK for £300, always plus postage) and I jumped at it.

And I went for the cheapest of the three shipping options, just over $12 dollars, and it was confirmed that it would arrive here betwen August 11 and August 31. Which was fine. This was always a "One of these days I'll have that...." kind of thing, rather than something I needed immediately.

And I was at home at lunchtime today, Wednesday, when a car drove up and a wee man headed up the driveway carrying a box!!!!!!!!!!!!! I genuinely could not even think what the parcel was. Amazon had by-passed the post office and sent it DHL, all for $12 dollars.

I have not even opened it. I am still too stunned altogether. I'll probably just stare at the box for the next 15 years. There is really nothing else I want in life, so no rush to get through them.

And I'm posting this to my Live Journal because I'm scared of sounding like an advert for Amazon.com on the Canteen, but that is some service!


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