Aug. 1st, 2010

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Was up in the loft for other things yesterday and got sidetracked into a totally maudlin hour.

This was my mum's Radio Times.  It was  sacrosanct.  Not for cutting. Not even for the bonny picture on the top left.
Years ago I sealed it up in a box marked succinctly Mum's Bits, and tucked it away, but yesterday I just wanted to hold it again, and it took me crashing back into 1965. In 1965 Mum was trying to make a career as a writer, and she had a short story accepted for (radio) broadcast by the BBC. And she still wasn't spending sixpence on a copy of the Radio Times even if it had her name in it; this was my great aunt's copy, delivered to a woman born in Victoria's reign and by then virtually housebound; given to my mum after she had finished with it;.and then kept safe from a daughter determined to have any picture of the blond that she could!

So was this, as the BBC's Radio Times states, a new film series?
Was Thursday August 5 1965 the first British broadcast?
And, if it was, why start with the Odd Man Affair which was the last of the first series?

I dunno. The first episode I was conscious of was the Love Affair; and the one which burned its way into my consciousness and left me with nightmares for years was the Deadly Games Affair, the one with Hitler's body (I did not see that again until Shovew. posted it, and I was amazed at how accurate my recollection through those 40+ years had been and how good it was!).

I'm thinking of posting the image to the Canteen to see if anyone knows if that was the start for Britain. Not that it matters. By 1966 I was a rabid fan, cutting every photo I could find - but this one was always out of bounds. 

Anyway, had a maudlin time to myself up in the loft.  And tonight I'll take it back up to the loft and seal it back into the box intact for another decade or two.    


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