Aug. 30th, 2010

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The digging is harder in the Bronze Age. More aches and pains and blistered hands, long empty trenches, few finds. But, oh, the bells and whistles if you do find something!

Last day before the holiday, he worried me. "Here's what you're looking for," he said, holding a few shapeless crumbs of black pottery, baked (unfired) from the clay, and my heart sank. No chance, I thought. And an hour or so later I scraped up a chunk of the stuff, barely distinguishable from the surrounding soil, but its rim clearly visible, and he was as excited as a child.

I basked in the warmth of his smile for half the day!
(And then in the afternoon I blew it - found a sharp shiny sliver, like flint, so well honed as to be almost translucent; and it turned out to be a piece of plastic off someone's pack of sandwiches!!!! Oh the shame. And, worse, I was in a trench with a new girl, a lassie heading off to do archaeology at Cambridge, so I was doubly mortified.)

Anyway, back from holiday, and he is still obsessed with this pottery. Another guy also found a piece, from the same jug/cup/beaker/whatever, and the two pieces fit together perfectly. But he is convinced the vessel's base, unfired, crumbling black pottery, is out there somewhere in the black soil of that valley and I'm already tired looking for it..........


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