Dec. 23rd, 2010

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a) My washing is stuck in the washing machine, which is also full of water and soap bubbles, and no amount of pushing, pulling, kicking and swearing will make it rinse and spin, or open.
Running like a thread through today have been assorted attempts to get the washing out of there. Now I have given up, hope I have enough knickers left to see me through Christmas and into the middle of next week when the washing machine repair man MAY call. That's on the Minus side.

b) In between rounds with the machine, shoot up to Tesco to do father's shopping - almost 87 and not going out in these conditions. Leaving the overcrowded iced-up car park, notice a hat remarkably similar to mine placed helpfully on top of a bollard. Still thinking about that as I drive out, then casually start patting the passenger seat looking vaguely for mine.... Oh sh.t. Minus side.

c) Lunch with schoolfriend; Plus side.
Receive wrapped present not to be opened in presence of Other Half - may have something to do with a blond? Definitely Plus side.

d) Driving back, go for petrol. Now come on, how much snow has there been? No petrol. Big Minus.

e) Cherry. Yes, Cherry. Beautiful DVD, from ebay, less than three dollars, top quality and just glorious. Blond wearing well. Very happy 92 minutes. Big Plus.

f) Finish film, check emails. Marks and Spencer delivering present for sister-in-law. Warning email on December 16 that it might be as late as December 24 because of snow; nice email yesterday, aiming for December 23; email half an hour ago, will be January 5. Oh cr*ap. Going there for Christmas. HUGE Minus.

Time for pub.


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