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Yesterday was a bad day - I was loaded with the cold and utterly disgusting, too horrible to attend the dinner I should have been at, and last night I was on my own and very tipsy with the whisky I was taking (purely for medicinal purposes, of course.)

And I was wittering too much on LJ when a strange message flashed on the computer screen. Would I accept a call? And I agreed and the next thing, my sister-in-law from Manitoba was peering through the screen at me, elbowing her husband out the way!!!!!

And the little webcam she had Amazoned us for Christmas had obviously kicked in too because there was a little thumbnail of me. (Fortunately I had got up and showered at one point yesterday, put on a clean goonie, and cleaned my teeth twice, but it was still not a pretty sight, and I was drunkenly waving the remains of a half-pint mug of whisky at her.)

But we blethered. Oh, look, here comes my niece. Fourteen years since I last saw her, and she's now at university, coming home from her Saturday job in a warm coat and with perfect teeth, shouting at her elderly auntie.
And is this your new dog? as my sister-in-law scoops a wriggling terrier up onto her lap, and I whistle to get his attention and two of my dogs try to join in at this side.
And, here is the farm she has bought for her retirement - look at the photos.
And, oh yes, she wins the snow wars as the background shows the 18 inches that she has had this week piled up on the patio. And I try to pull the little camera from the computer to the window here, to let her see my four inches of snow from yesterday, but it is 11pm here and it is dark.
And the background here shows all my ironing hanging up on the OUTSIDE of the wardrobe behind me, in the spare bedroom we use as a study.

Oh, it was unbelievable. They had just been setting up the Skype ready for their first call to us tonight, and they had not expected to get an answer, least of all a very squiffy one.

And it was glorious. The pictures are sharp. It is in what my sister-in-law calls real time. And it is free. And we blethered and giggled for ages and it was wonderful.
I still can't believe it. And when Other Half came home from the dinner the words were falling out of me as I tried to tell him how marvellous it is.

We are ordinary people, and this is science fiction technology.
I am still high about it this morning.

Sister-in-law made jokes about some character from the Jetsons who used to hold up a mask or picture of herself when she spoke on this sort of thing. But I think I will spend the day with the curlers in before we speak again tonight!


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