Jan. 7th, 2010

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I probably would have taken the car this morning, but I  fell over the garden wall going out with the dogs first thing - can't judge heights at all with all this snow - and that made up my mind.

I stoated out and up to the main road to catch a bus; quite an adventure, I thought. I was surprisingly upbeat about it even though it was minus 12 degrees.  But minutes after I reached the bus stop, a scarlet Alfa Romeo drew up to give me a lift. Great to have rich friends!  Technically she is snowed in, but she has got it sussed; she leaves the car on the road in the town, and gets a lift in and out of her farm on something more heavy duty.  

I did get the bus back at night though, and that was fine; they seem to run regularly, they are warm, and I don't have to find a parking space.

Would have another bash at the bus tomorrow, but the problem is that I cannot do anything off the beaten track with a bus. I  can get straight from one town to another to work, but I need the car to nip round to see my father. So I suspect that I am going to have to dig the car out tomorrow and be a grown up again.


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